In many games, you are not restricted by rules when you do bad things. The worst scenario would be the entire city/town/world turn against you by sending an entire town after you. However, crimes and justice system is much more interesting. The guard will try to apprehend you as soon as you commit the crime. (And most of their appearance are realistic and ugly like the picture.) However, they will not beat you up right away instead they will give you three options. They will first set a bounty for you according to the severity of your crime.

  • Pay the fine. Money solves everything. Yes?
  • Go to jail and serve your sentence. You don’t lose your gold but you lose your skill points here randomly.  Time will pass and the length of the sentence will depend on your bounty. You’re wasting a lot of time here.
  • Resist arrest. You can try to get away of course!  Either run for freedom and never set foot into cities again or pay it with your life. This is an interesting option because you have an option to take care of your bounty here…

That’s one of the example of realism in Oblivion. You commit a crime and you have to face the consequences. There are loads of objects in this game ranging from a pewter spoon to beautiful decorating armor. Many are displayed in the shop or placed in a house. Of course, if you carelessly pick them up and the owner notice it, then prepare to face the law.

Another realism that I need to mention is the Artificial Intelligence of the character in this game. In many, if not most games. These NPC (Non-Player Character)s are just a decorative object to clutter the world. Here, they have their own lives. Almost every NPC has their own name and their personality and their own uniqueness. Although I must say that the voice acting in this game is fairly limited because there’s only one voice actor per one race and some actors have to voice two races. There are over thousand unique NPC in this game. Everyone has their own schedule and their own way of living. Some is an Imperial Guard patrolling around and go back to the watchtower and sleep at night. Some are simple farmers who wake up at 6AM and sleep and 9PM. Severals are the nobles and counts who does nothing other than sitting on the throne receiving audience and had a dinner.

Here’s a small list.

  • Hieronymous Lex is an Imperial Watch Officer who patrolled around the city looking for a famous thief named Gray Fox. He will wake up at 6AM and return to his barrack by 8PM.
  • City-Swimmer is a lizardwoman who likes to swim around the town of Bravil and annoy the hell out of everyone. She’s a member of the Thieves Guild too.
  • M’aiq the Liar, a tigerman. He’s not much of a liar but he tells a really sarcastic truth about the game such as there’s no children in this game. He just run around town to town for fun.
  • Lucien Lachance, a mysterious robed man who comes to recruit you in your sleep when you murder someone. A mysterious guy indeed. I just don’t understand  why he’s so popular with the fans.
  • Adoring Fan, an (un)honorable mention. He’s a kid who tries to follow you when you became the Grand Champion of the Imperial Arena. He’s annoying. VERY ANNOYING.

This is the MAIN reason why I chose to play a good guy in this game. Everyone’s just too real to be just a computer code. They have their own personality and opinion about something. If I kill them, I really and I mean REALLY cannot find any replacement. So I always think twice before doing anything that might harm the NPC (or just simply save beforehand).

That’s all for realism. See you next time. Maybe I’ll come up with something new..