I had an assignment from Business Presentation Class and it’s about my favorite place in Bangkok  last week…but I postponed it!

So this week I have to go take some photos for my presentation. What a pain. I don’t like presentation. I don’t really like doing them despite the fact that I have to do a lot of them this semester. Actually, there’s at least one presentation every week and everyone in really agitated. This is one of them. The topic is Your Favorite Place/Activity in Bangkok. I didn’t have enough time to take any photos the week before so I decided to ask my nice teacher to postpone it.

That’s why I had to go to Siam last Sunday! There’s no such thing as tomorrow anymore. I wish I could escape to Paradise but I have to endure for now…

Nice BTS mascot huh?

I went to Digital Gateway via BTS Sky Train. It is one of the most convenient mode of transportation in Bangkok. Honestly, I used BTS very often recently. I have a lot of activities to do around Bangkok and the skytrain is here to provide me a gateway to them. The only think I dislike about it is that it’s very crowded. Noon is a really terrible time to travel because it’s WAY too crowded. But looking at the bright side, it has a lot of shops and convenient stores as well as a handy amount of kiosks. Some were very delicious but some were just not right. The price was expensive because I think it was because of the space rental price but that’s just my guess. Anyway, I got on the train from Jatujak Park Station to Siam. Siam Station is the hub of all BTS line. So a lot of people get down at that station.

Go to Exit 2. It’s the only way to Digital Gateway from BTS Station. Otherwise, if you go to Exit 1, 3 or 4, you’ll have to walk a little bit to get to Digital Gateway. Turn left here to go to Digital Gateway or turn right for Siam Discovery Center. Siam Discovery is older but still very popular among Thai teenagers and young adult. Strangely, they checked and scan for dangerous materials in every Siam department store (Discovery, Center and of course Paragon) but  they didn’t do it in front of Digital Gateway. But Thai’s safety procedure is lousy anyway so it’s no use to complain about it. Thailand is not a famous target for terrorism and bombing anyway. (Seriously)

Duh-dan! It’s Digital Gateway! This is of course, my favorite spot in Bangkok for several reasons. It’s very easy to get there if you have an easy access to BTS sky train or MRT subway. I’d recommend those who wants to come here to use BTS because the traffic on the street is purely a disaster. Traffic jam is common in Bangkok but in Siam it’s the WORST compared to everywhere else. (I admit, I’m jealous and feel sorry for Chulalongkorn Student at the same time for being in the city center. The picture depicted above is the entrance from the BTS which connects to the 2nd floor.

The second reason is that it has a lot of digital gadgets available for browsing. I don’t really bought them because they’re quite expensive and I don’t have that much money! But if I wanted to survey for an average price. This is a good place to start. Since it’s in the middle city, most goods will come here first before being dispersed around Thailand. Also, you’ll find the deal much more bearable than Siam Paragon and other Siam department store for the fact that Digital Gateway is not for upper-class. At least that’s my opinion about it…

The picture above is the interior past the door. I’ll give you some advice here. Watch out for criminals posing as beggar. I’ve just experienced it first-hand. I was loitering around there waiting for my PSP to be fixed and suddenly came a woman. She asked me a direction to Mahanakorn University (or something like that). Which of course, I don’t know. After some times, she just BEG me to lend her some money because she was broke. I realized now that I’m talking to a criminal posing as a pitiful lost girl. I sent her away immediately by telling her that I DIDN’T have any money. (I’m not lying, I paid a lot to fix my PSP.) She then went after another elderly man instead.

Don’t judge the people by their appearance and gestures…You never know what might hit you. Don’t loiter around too long if you have to wait for something. Some people might try to take advantages of your innocence or kindness.

The third and final reason is that there is a Japanese restaurant! Above is my personal favorite. The name of this restaurant is Katsu King X. Its specialty is of course…

Tonkatsu!! (Pork Cutlet)

The smell and the taste are irresistible.  Every time I visit Digital Gateway I have to go to Katsu King too. It’s inevitable for me. Although the food is quite costly (it came in set with Miso soup) but it worths it. I wish I could go there again soon…But I think it’s not going to be anytime soon because I’m totally BROKE now.  (The set was about 200 baht.) I find Japanese food very delicious compared to Thai food. I seriously don’t know why but if I have to choose between two. I’ll choose Japanese, period.

One more thing you have to be careful with is that there are a lot of Japanese restaurants today. However, only a handful amount of them is actually good. Some are made only for a commercial purpose and didn’t emphasize at all on the taste. Take Fuji for an example. The price there was totally a ripoff but the taste was not that good. It didn’t really worth the money you had to spent. I’d recommend everyone to do some research on Google because if there’s any restaurants that are actually any good. The people will praise it (while condemning the bad).

But good things eventually came to pass…duh I ate them all. I was full but filled with bliss and my wallet is almost empty. Time to go home I guess. I think that’s the worst part. Travelling somewhere is the part where you’re excited and and have a purpose but the trip back home is filled with exhaustion because you wanted to go home and lie down on a recliner as soon as possible. Not to mention about the cost…The train, the taxi and the motorcycle.


Final exam is coming up in December and I think all is going well because midterm score is great. But too many presentation is just bad. I can’t just chill out anymore because almost every teachers just throw their classwork at you. Until then, I’ll miss Digital Gateway. I’ll definitely come back here (when I have more money).

See you next update!