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In many games, you are not restricted by rules when you do bad things. The worst scenario would be the entire city/town/world turn against you by sending an entire town after you. However, crimes and justice system is much more interesting. The guard will try to apprehend you as soon as you commit the crime. (And most of their appearance are realistic and ugly like the picture.) However, they will not beat you up right away instead they will give you three options. They will first set a bounty for you according to the severity of your crime.

  • Pay the fine. Money solves everything. Yes?
  • Go to jail and serve your sentence. You don’t lose your gold but you lose your skill points here randomly.  Time will pass and the length of the sentence will depend on your bounty. You’re wasting a lot of time here.
  • Resist arrest. You can try to get away of course!  Either run for freedom and never set foot into cities again or pay it with your life. This is an interesting option because you have an option to take care of your bounty here…

That’s one of the example of realism in Oblivion. You commit a crime and you have to face the consequences. There are loads of objects in this game ranging from a pewter spoon to beautiful decorating armor. Many are displayed in the shop or placed in a house. Of course, if you carelessly pick them up and the owner notice it, then prepare to face the law.

Another realism that I need to mention is the Artificial Intelligence of the character in this game. In many, if not most games. These NPC (Non-Player Character)s are just a decorative object to clutter the world. Here, they have their own lives. Almost every NPC has their own name and their personality and their own uniqueness. Although I must say that the voice acting in this game is fairly limited because there’s only one voice actor per one race and some actors have to voice two races. There are over thousand unique NPC in this game. Everyone has their own schedule and their own way of living. Some is an Imperial Guard patrolling around and go back to the watchtower and sleep at night. Some are simple farmers who wake up at 6AM and sleep and 9PM. Severals are the nobles and counts who does nothing other than sitting on the throne receiving audience and had a dinner.

Here’s a small list.

  • Hieronymous Lex is an Imperial Watch Officer who patrolled around the city looking for a famous thief named Gray Fox. He will wake up at 6AM and return to his barrack by 8PM.
  • City-Swimmer is a lizardwoman who likes to swim around the town of Bravil and annoy the hell out of everyone. She’s a member of the Thieves Guild too.
  • M’aiq the Liar, a tigerman. He’s not much of a liar but he tells a really sarcastic truth about the game such as there’s no children in this game. He just run around town to town for fun.
  • Lucien Lachance, a mysterious robed man who comes to recruit you in your sleep when you murder someone. A mysterious guy indeed. I just don’t understand  why he’s so popular with the fans.
  • Adoring Fan, an (un)honorable mention. He’s a kid who tries to follow you when you became the Grand Champion of the Imperial Arena. He’s annoying. VERY ANNOYING.

This is the MAIN reason why I chose to play a good guy in this game. Everyone’s just too real to be just a computer code. They have their own personality and opinion about something. If I kill them, I really and I mean REALLY cannot find any replacement. So I always think twice before doing anything that might harm the NPC (or just simply save beforehand).

That’s all for realism. See you next time. Maybe I’ll come up with something new..


There are many video games that tries their best to simulate what we called ‘life’ and realism. Many failed in the attempt and fall from grace into oblivion and forgotten. However, this is not the case with The Elder Scrolls 4 – Oblivion. Released back in 2006, it was one of the greatest games of the time and lived up to its hype. In fact, TES(The Elder Scrolls) 1 and 2 were not very popular among mainstream gamers and remain obscure. However, the release of TES 3 – Morrowind changed everything so that’s why we have Oblivion today.

So what’s great about Oblivion you might ask? Here’s why.

The Hero

Every TES heroes are anonymous and is an obscure figure in history. In fact, you have to name him or her. That’s right, you create your own characters (or recreate yourself) in that world. You can be one of many races of mankind in the world of Tamriel such as Imperial (Human), High Elf, Dark Elf, Khajiiti (Cat-headed folks) and Argonian (Reptilian folks seriously). All have their own advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest experiences that the game has to offer. You are not living in someone’s footstep, instead you’re given a chance to create your own footstep from ground up.

Is that High Elf? Seriously? I thought she was some kind of alien.

But here comes to horror. The faces of almost every characters in this game are TRULY a HORROR. Many looks like an ape which makes me want to just gouge my eyes out.  You have to use a lot of mods to fix that. Mod is an abbreviation for Modification. It’s a way of modifying the game one way or another. TES4 includes a tool for you to modify it so it’s easy for everyone to use the plugin (You just drop it in and enable it. Done).

However, you still have to use a lot of skills to adjust your (character’s) face via the slider here. You have to fix jaws, eyes, noses, eyebrows, slopes and much more to make the face more bearable.

And the following is the result.

Now we're talking!

I downloaded a mod that add a race called ‘Elven Doll’. It includes a new race and a lot of beautiful hairstyles so I can make a beauty among the beasts now. All I have to do is to make a little tweaking to the skin and that’s it. She’s ready to roll. Sadly I cannot customize NPC (Non-Player Character)’s face because it’s not possible to just walk to them and ask them to have a facelift! LOL So unless you downloaded a mod to make a hotter and younger NPC, you have to get on with it.

Thief, Mage or Warrior. Choose your poison.

Customization of characters is not limited to appearance but also the orientation of your action. In the game, you’re allowed to choose your class. You can be a quick and agile thief or a battlemage who’s specialized in both might and magic. There are over 10 classes here but you can also create your own class. This is great in my opinion because someone might wants to walk their own path and have their own style of playing.  (But you have to choose from 3 specialization anyway, Warrior, Mage or Thief-oriented. You may still however capable of swinging a sword and shoot fireball when you’re a thief.


After that you may also customize you birthsign.  There are several birthsign to choose from and all have their unique benefits. The sign of the Steed grants you 20 points to Speed while you get 10 Endurance and Strength for the Warrior. The Tower allows you to open the door’s lock and The Shadow allows you to remain invisible for a while.


As you can see, there’s a lot of customization to do at the start of the game and I haven’t started on the actual gameplay yet. So see you on the next update on Realism.

I had an assignment from Business Presentation Class and it’s about my favorite place in Bangkok  last week…but I postponed it!

So this week I have to go take some photos for my presentation. What a pain. I don’t like presentation. I don’t really like doing them despite the fact that I have to do a lot of them this semester. Actually, there’s at least one presentation every week and everyone in really agitated. This is one of them. The topic is Your Favorite Place/Activity in Bangkok. I didn’t have enough time to take any photos the week before so I decided to ask my nice teacher to postpone it.

That’s why I had to go to Siam last Sunday! There’s no such thing as tomorrow anymore. I wish I could escape to Paradise but I have to endure for now…

Nice BTS mascot huh?

I went to Digital Gateway via BTS Sky Train. It is one of the most convenient mode of transportation in Bangkok. Honestly, I used BTS very often recently. I have a lot of activities to do around Bangkok and the skytrain is here to provide me a gateway to them. The only think I dislike about it is that it’s very crowded. Noon is a really terrible time to travel because it’s WAY too crowded. But looking at the bright side, it has a lot of shops and convenient stores as well as a handy amount of kiosks. Some were very delicious but some were just not right. The price was expensive because I think it was because of the space rental price but that’s just my guess. Anyway, I got on the train from Jatujak Park Station to Siam. Siam Station is the hub of all BTS line. So a lot of people get down at that station.

Go to Exit 2. It’s the only way to Digital Gateway from BTS Station. Otherwise, if you go to Exit 1, 3 or 4, you’ll have to walk a little bit to get to Digital Gateway. Turn left here to go to Digital Gateway or turn right for Siam Discovery Center. Siam Discovery is older but still very popular among Thai teenagers and young adult. Strangely, they checked and scan for dangerous materials in every Siam department store (Discovery, Center and of course Paragon) but  they didn’t do it in front of Digital Gateway. But Thai’s safety procedure is lousy anyway so it’s no use to complain about it. Thailand is not a famous target for terrorism and bombing anyway. (Seriously)

Duh-dan! It’s Digital Gateway! This is of course, my favorite spot in Bangkok for several reasons. It’s very easy to get there if you have an easy access to BTS sky train or MRT subway. I’d recommend those who wants to come here to use BTS because the traffic on the street is purely a disaster. Traffic jam is common in Bangkok but in Siam it’s the WORST compared to everywhere else. (I admit, I’m jealous and feel sorry for Chulalongkorn Student at the same time for being in the city center. The picture depicted above is the entrance from the BTS which connects to the 2nd floor.

The second reason is that it has a lot of digital gadgets available for browsing. I don’t really bought them because they’re quite expensive and I don’t have that much money! But if I wanted to survey for an average price. This is a good place to start. Since it’s in the middle city, most goods will come here first before being dispersed around Thailand. Also, you’ll find the deal much more bearable than Siam Paragon and other Siam department store for the fact that Digital Gateway is not for upper-class. At least that’s my opinion about it…

The picture above is the interior past the door. I’ll give you some advice here. Watch out for criminals posing as beggar. I’ve just experienced it first-hand. I was loitering around there waiting for my PSP to be fixed and suddenly came a woman. She asked me a direction to Mahanakorn University (or something like that). Which of course, I don’t know. After some times, she just BEG me to lend her some money because she was broke. I realized now that I’m talking to a criminal posing as a pitiful lost girl. I sent her away immediately by telling her that I DIDN’T have any money. (I’m not lying, I paid a lot to fix my PSP.) She then went after another elderly man instead.

Don’t judge the people by their appearance and gestures…You never know what might hit you. Don’t loiter around too long if you have to wait for something. Some people might try to take advantages of your innocence or kindness.

The third and final reason is that there is a Japanese restaurant! Above is my personal favorite. The name of this restaurant is Katsu King X. Its specialty is of course…

Tonkatsu!! (Pork Cutlet)

The smell and the taste are irresistible.  Every time I visit Digital Gateway I have to go to Katsu King too. It’s inevitable for me. Although the food is quite costly (it came in set with Miso soup) but it worths it. I wish I could go there again soon…But I think it’s not going to be anytime soon because I’m totally BROKE now.  (The set was about 200 baht.) I find Japanese food very delicious compared to Thai food. I seriously don’t know why but if I have to choose between two. I’ll choose Japanese, period.

One more thing you have to be careful with is that there are a lot of Japanese restaurants today. However, only a handful amount of them is actually good. Some are made only for a commercial purpose and didn’t emphasize at all on the taste. Take Fuji for an example. The price there was totally a ripoff but the taste was not that good. It didn’t really worth the money you had to spent. I’d recommend everyone to do some research on Google because if there’s any restaurants that are actually any good. The people will praise it (while condemning the bad).

But good things eventually came to pass…duh I ate them all. I was full but filled with bliss and my wallet is almost empty. Time to go home I guess. I think that’s the worst part. Travelling somewhere is the part where you’re excited and and have a purpose but the trip back home is filled with exhaustion because you wanted to go home and lie down on a recliner as soon as possible. Not to mention about the cost…The train, the taxi and the motorcycle.


Final exam is coming up in December and I think all is going well because midterm score is great. But too many presentation is just bad. I can’t just chill out anymore because almost every teachers just throw their classwork at you. Until then, I’ll miss Digital Gateway. I’ll definitely come back here (when I have more money).

See you next update!

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